Yaroslav Baronin

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About me

Hi friends, my name is Yaroslav and I love the frontend.

I live in Ukraine.

My first steps started in 2016, I passed a course on front-end development.

In 2017, I had my first remote job, a markup for online shops.

In 2018, I settled into a web studio where I worked for 3 months and went to courses at the very cool company Altexsoft.

At the end of 2018 I finished my courses, internships and started working at this company. Worked before the COVID-19 pandemic. I learned a lot there, for which I thank you very much. And now I can work on your project with excellent experience in working with an IT company.

Here is my little story :) I wish all the rays good and positive! Best regards

My website

This website is entirerly open sourced, so feel free to have a look inside via my GitHub. You can, also, send me issues if anything here is not working well for you. I will always try to answer you as fast as possible!